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Laser Hair Removal

Lose Hair, Gain Life

Laser Hair Removal

"Feel liberated and hair free faster. We cater for men and women of all skin types!"

Laser hair removal is without a doubt the most effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair anywhere on the body. This non-invasive method is quick, simple and offers instant results, being a much cheaper and affordable alternative in the long run.  

Laser hair removal is safe no matter which areas are being treated. The laser beam does not pass beyond the second layer of skin (dermis) targeting only the hair follicles so it can be used anywhere and even on the most sensitive parts of the face or body. It prevents ingrown hairs and rashes from waxing and shaving, helping you achieve smoother hair free skin without a hassle.

Candela Medical Grade Lasers

As customer satisfaction and results are our number one priority, La Vie is proudly a Candela certified laser clinic using the most advanced industry leading laser equipment. We cater for men and women of all skin types by providing services in both the Candela ND:YAG and GentleLASE laser technology. To ensure every inch of your body is covered, we use a quality grid system that targets all the treatment area and the results are visible early on in the treatment process. Our clients receive luxury treatment at an affordable price so in case of any missed patches, there will not be any extra charge.


Laser Sessions

Generally for each individual, the most effective results are achieved over 8 to 10 sessions, which are required at 4 to 8 weekly intervals (depending on the area treated). Laser targets a pigment called ‘melanin’, so our specialist is trained to adapt the laser equipment according to the skin colour, location and colour of the hair being treated. You can be certain that you will receive the unique treatment required for your laser hair reduction.


Although laser hair removal is able to permanently remove existing hairs, this does not prevent the growth of new hair. Therefore, we highly recommend periodic touch-up sessions. 

At La Vie Laser Clinic, we invite you to a complimentary skin and hair analysis consultation with our friendly and qualified laser specialist to guarantee you receive the most suitable treatment. Our treatment plan is tailored to produce optimal results and make your journey of removing unwanted hair comfortable and affordable.

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